Friday, July 15, 2011

Family vacation

Recently we headed off for a little family vacation to the gulf coast. We left in good spirits, anticipating long days on the sunny shore and lots of time pool side. OK, so maybe we don't have the exact same misfortune as this family, but after six hours in the car with my bunch I did begin to think the whole family vacation thing was way overrated. Now don't get me wrong, six hours is nothing compared to the 14 hour trips I endured a child every summer during our annual trek to see the grandparents in Texas, so I really should not complain. I have told you I am the youngest of SIX, right?

While our short ride was nothing compared to all those good times, we did have several move your feet, this is my pillow, game, drink, etc., and you smell bad arguments. Not to mention the 5,000 knock-knock jokes, at least half an hour of you want to hear the most annoying sound in the world, one traffic jam, two u-turns thanks to the husband who insisted the GPS was wrong, and lots of potty breaks. My personal favorite was the gas station super gulp cup incident when the little C, who inherited his father's pea-sized bladder had to pee REALLY REALLY bad. Enter Styrofoam cup here. Yes, we did. Don't judge. We were 15 minutes away, in heavy traffic, had already made SEVERAL stops and it was raining. During the remainder of the trip the older C's kept referring to the little C as Harry from Dumb and Dumber. You remember the scene...

After all that drama we still managed to have a great time. We spent lots of time in the water:

we rode go-carts, bumper cars, kayaks, a big boat and a banana:

had a picnic bay side and got our faces painted:

saw fireworks and caught crabs (sand crabs, people, this was a family vacation not spring break):

ate lots of good food:

and just hung out:

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