The C's

The big C, otherwise known as Cason, is the oldest son. He is 12, has a quick wit, talks too loud and even though it's getting shuffled underneath the impending teenage years - has a big heart. He gets all that from me. He is also athletic, never meets a stranger and is pretty darn cute. He gets that from the husband.

The middle C, we call her Camdyn, and she is the only girl, stuck right there in the middle of two stinkin' boys, but we wouldn't have it any other way and truth be told, neither would she. She is a pretty typical eight year old and loves puppies, kittens, and all things glitter and glam. She can be pretty sassy at times, she's smart, she's sweet, she's shy. She gets that from me. She has great hair, a nice tan, and a pretty smile, and as much as I would like to take credit, she gets all that from the husband.

The baby C just turned four. We call him Cade. He has lots of curls that I can't make myself cut just yet. He, too, has a smart mouth and probably knows more words than a four year old should. He can be mean but he can be sweet and he is a perfect blend of every member of our family. If he would have been the first, he would have been the last. He gets everything from the husband. I just carried him around for a while.

And, yes, if you have noticed by know I am one of those people. I named all my kids with names that start with C. It gets worse, I also make them all go by their middle names. My gosh, what was I thinking, I have totally destroyed their lives. Seriously, they are my kids and I can call them whatever I want. SO there.

The husband, he goes by Adam. I have known him over half my life and we have been together so long that I can't really imagine life without him. We don't walk around all day hugging and holding hands, and call each other and whisper sweet nothings over the phone. We have been up, down and all around, you name it,we have argued about it or we will soon. Sometimes we like each other and sometimes we don't, we can argue and kiss and make up, be sweet and sometimes be hateful, but at the end of the day we know we are on the same team. There have been lots of tears and lots of laughs but I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't think anyone would ever put with me like he does, and who are we kidding, I KNOW no one would put up with him. Really, all these years together and when he walks in a room, my heart still skips a beat.

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