The other C's

This is all about the other C's in my life. So, here we go -

The first C has been with me a long time. This would be Hepatitis C, or HCV, or Hep C, or whatever you prefer to call it. We first became friends in 1979 on the day I was born or maybe the day after. I can't be sure, I don't really remember. Although I am not certain, Hep C really likes my liver because they became attached almost immediately. If you don't know anything about HCV and want to then visit here, if you don't want to read the boring medical junk, I can tell you briefly what my hepatology degree from Google University has taught me -
Hepatitis C is a virus that attacks your liver and will sometimes destroy it. It is like alcohol without the fun.

The other C that is a part of my life is cirrhosis. That is what happens when your Hep C and your liver have become BFFs and have spent lots of time together or you drink too much. My liver has had the cirrhosis for about five years now. I call my liver - Quiver the Liver - but I am thinking of changing his name to Roc. Why Roc? Because that is what cirrhosis really is, just scar tissue that makes your liver rock hard. If you want to know more go here. I always wanted rock hard abs, but I guess a hard liver and a flabby booty will have to do.

And, yes, my liver is male, because don't boys cause all the trouble in your life?

The other C that I think about every six months is the big C - cancer. Lordy no, I do not have cancer. But every 6 months I go and drink some nasty stuff they keep in a Gatorade color and get hooked up to an IV and slide around in a huge microwave while the nasty liquid stuff glows bright to highlight my insides so the doctors can check to see if Quiver is growing spots called tumors. That is where the name Quiver came from, every times I think about drinking the nasty stuff he quivers (get it haha). And every time, I think about the tumors, I quiver. If you want to know more about the HCC, or liver cancer, visit here.

The other reason I go every 6 months to see the doctor is that I think they really like me, why else would they have me keep coming back? I feel good, I think I look alright, and I don't have the King Midas touch, otherwise known as jaundice. That is just more fun people with yucky livers get to have - they turn highlighter yellow. Groovy. I think if that ever happens to me I will call Quiver - Old Yeller, just like the movie but without the dog and dying part.

Really, I go to get my MELD score checked, the score they give to people whose livers are falling out to see if they should get a new one. If your MELD score gets too high, then you get a transplant. My MELD score is low in case you were wondering. No new liver for me, Quiver is really hanging in there so well he's almost statuesque. Ha ha.

So if Hepatitis C is bad for you, then why do you call it your friend?

Well, because without the blood that I received all those years ago, I would not be here today, I assume. Like I said, the events of that day are blurry. I just can't imagine that they would have given me the blood unless I really, really, needed it. I hope not anyway. So, even though the blood was tainted, it has gotten me where I am today. It has given me lots of years with lots of laughs, a chance to know a mom and dad, sisters and brothers, a husband and kids, basically a chance at life.

I would also like to include that none of the other C's (my kids) or the husband have hepatitis C. They have all been checked and they do not have the virus. Out of all the blessings I have received that one is by far the best.

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